. . . in front of the Herb Room?

The Food Bin and the Herb Room used to be a Chevron gas station and garage.  All gas stations, both currently and no longer operating, with any detectable hydrocarbons in the soil beneath them have gone or will be undergoing a vapor process to clean the soil.  The box/container/weird looking storage unit in in our parking lot houses the machinery that will be injecting vapor into the soil and burning off the hydrocarbons.  The exhaust will be released through the pipe at the top. 

The good news, for both us and the water, is that there haven't been any detectable hydrocarbons in Laurel Creek, so hopefully it should be a quick process.  Though the machinery has been in place since November 2017, at this writing (Feb 2019) it still isn't up and running, but should be soon.  It's expected that the vaporization process could take up to a year.